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Four actors wanted for small theatre show during Perth’s Fringe World in 2017.

Four hollywood-screen writers are locked in a room. Their mission: craft the most realistic and philosophical script about first contact with an alien race. But the writers can't agree on anything! Can the planet survive, or will earth cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war? Welcome to THE WAR ROOM.

Play runs for approximately 45 minutes. It's a little bit drama, lots of popular culture references, a sprinkling of philosophy while still being light-hearted and funny. No experience necessary, only three shows. The Writer/Director has produced five amateur plays before in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and at Perth Fringe in 2016.

- Pay is $100 per performance, for three performances. 
- Dates are set for 20,21,22 of January in 2017.

Character descriptions:

1) JOSH: Josh is an enthusiastic and passionate writer in his early 30s. Josh is smart, a fast talker and thinker, enjoys winning and is a man of conviction. A strong atheist, he doesn't shy away from controversy. Josh loves free speech , debating ideas and pushing people’s buttons.


2) JILL: Jill is a writer in her late 20s/early 30s and is an intellectual and scientific thinker. Jill is highly-articulate speaker and evokes a slight sense of feminist entitlement. She is also hiding a secret from the group.


3) MARK: Mark is a ‘film nerd’ in his late 20s. A highly successful writer his knowledge and love of film history is evident. While he has seen great success in his professional career he is just a big kid at heart.


4) GEORGE: George is a little older than the rest of the group, perhaps in his late 30s. George is a more reserved individual who takes the time to observe discussion and think before he speaks. George is more traditional in his views and somewhat stubborn when it comes to debate.

Please email/contact with your interest, any relevant experience and a headshot/selfie.



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