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(C) 2019 - Presidential Productions

Two Actors Wanted for Short Film. No experience needed. PAID!


Short film production is looking to fill a small film role for a project focusing a young Australian Soldier and his battle with depression. No acting experience necessary.

DAVE is an alpha-male, strong and confident. He loves his beer, his sport and his mates. He is secretly battling depression. While he is a loud Aussie-larrikin on the outside, he is numb and despondent on the inside. Much of his inner-self is locked away from the world, but we gain a better understanding of DAVE's mental character through voice-over. 

We are searching for an actor to play DAVE who is willing to work with us and expose both the emotions and the physicality of the character on-screen. The lead role of DAVE is a strong male character on the outside, but is a broken man on the inside. The successful candidate must be confidant and brave. The role requires nudity and will feature a masturbation scene. You must be comfortable with this. The performance will be challenging yet ultimately rewarding. Time-wasters need not apply.

- Acting experience not required.

- Open to men between 18-40ish.

- Must be comfortable with nudity, and

masturbation required in the script.

- Required only for a half-day of filming.

- Pay is $500 in cash on the day.

- You may be asked to audition.

To apply for the role, simply email a brief introduction with at least two or three CLEAR photos so we can get an idea of what you look like.

Email: presproductionsco@gmail.com

Need a guy who isn't shy on camera. **$500 PAID JOB**