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Editor Wanted for Short Surfing Film

We are currently looking for an Editor for a small, low-budget Short Film.


Film is pretty basic but is looking for some very stylish visuals. The film has already been shot but is currently without an Editor. It's a very small budget film, but we want/need it to look bigger-budget than it actually is. Film synopsis below:


"Two brothers embark on a surfing trip together, attempting to bury past grievances in the process. As their surfing adventure unravels, so do the delicate and fragile bonds of brotherhood."

  • The film will only be roughly 7.5 minutes long.

  • Would suit someone with Final Cut Pro, or similar.

  • The narrative elements have been filmed and require pretty straight-forward editing. The best of the surf photography, however, needs to be identified and focused within the narrative.

  • We can upload the rushes to an online dropbox to be accessed.

  • Editing will be a simple two-stage process; we need created (1) a rough-cut or offline cut of the film which can send to our music person to create our score, and to our cinematographer to grade shots being used in the film, then create (2) the final edit with the graded shots and score.

  • There is NO DIALOGUE in the film! So very simple project, only visuals to be edited before a finished score laid into the final film.

  • Two versions of the film need to be delivered, 99% identical; one with a SINGLE ADDITIONAL SHOT that includes nudity (the MA+ version) and one without the nude shot (the G version). The only difference the two versions will be thatone shot.

  • Some shots need to be slowed down to be slow-motion.

  • Everything captured in 4k so re-framing and clipping is required at the Editor's discretion.

  • Application of a basic filmic filter or similar would be appreciated.

  • You will, of course, be CREDITED AS THE FILM'S EDITOR within the film’s credits and in promotional material. Any questions, please ask.

If you're interested in this opportunity please reply with a couple of samples of your previous work, and with a quote for how much you would charge for this.


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