That's Racist is a 10-15 excerpt of a play, that was shortlisted for the Midsumma Queer Playwiting Award in 2021. 

Melbourne's Midsumma Arts Festival asked for submissions of a 10-15 minute excerpt from a new play for their annual Queer Playwriting Award. The work That's Racist, was chosen along with seven other works.

Performers Jessica Norsworthy, Shae Kelly, Jai Wright and Jamie Turner brought the play to life, performing the excerpt in front of a panel of judges and live audience at Gasworks Arts Park in February 2021.

Although not ultimately selected for the grand prize, the work's shortlisting was both humbling and inspiring. The work will now be turned into a short film by Presidential Productions.

Presidential Productions begins pre-production on 'Fighter' short film.

Short film about a successful celebrity fighter who has an affair, then plots to murder the woman whom he is having the affair with in an attempt to cover up his infidelity.

Presidential Productions is currently in pre-production on this film, concentrating on script-development, production planning and casting our lead roles. Key roles currently casting are:

  • Ashton: (18-35yo Male) Ashton 'Ash' Diamond is professional fighter, and holds celebrity status. He is happily married but embarks on an affair. He later plots to kill the woman whom he is having the affair with in an attempt to cover up his infidelity. There is nudity required as part of this role and the successful actor must be comfortable with this. Must be able to fight; MMA, UFC or Boxing.

  • Alex: (18-35yo Female) Alex is at first a friendly, outgoing person. However Alex is calculating and conniving as she plots to break up a marriage. Alex is a dangerous woman.

  • David: (18-35yo Male) David 'Dizzy' Diamond is a Australian Rugby Player and Ashton's brother. David reluctantly agrees to help his brother in making Alex 'disappear'.

  • TBC Wife: (18-35yo Female) Daisy is Ashton's wife. She is seen in the public as a trophy-wife or WAG, however is very smart. She loves Ashton.

If you're interested in this opportunity please reply with a couple of CLEAR photos to get an idea of what you look like, and any relevant experience. 

Please email us at: