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DALL·E 2023-12-14 12.21.37 - A photo of a small film crew filming two tradesmen working on
Two Lead Roles for Upcoming Australian Short Film

This contemporary Australian short film delves into themes of racism, cultural diversity, and the unifying power of shared interests. It tells the story of two construction workers: one, an Australian local, and the other, a Middle Eastern immigrant. Their journey explores how they overcome casual racism and bridge cultural gaps through their shared passion for wrestling.

  • Hassan: Male lead, 20-30 years old, of Middle Eastern descent. Hassan is a skilled tradesman and recent immigrant to Australia. He is a man of few words but deep emotions, struggling with the challenges of adapting to a new country while facing casual racism. The actor must convey a range of emotions, from vulnerability to strength, and should ideally have some experience or interest in wrestling or physical sports. The role requires nudity as part of the role, and successful actor must be comfortable with this. A background or understanding of Middle Eastern cultures is advantageous but not essential.


  • Banjo: Male lead, 20-30 years old, Australian native. Banjo is the quintessential Aussie 'alpha male' - confident, outspoken, and with a heart of gold. He's a tradesman who stands up against racism in his workplace and forms an unlikely friendship with Hassan. The role requires a dynamic actor capable of portraying a rugged exterior with underlying sensitivity. The role requires nudity as part of the role, and successful actor must be comfortable with this. Wrestling or sports experience is a plus, as the character has a background in collegiate wrestling and an enthusiasm for sport.

  • Extras: We are also seeking speaking/featured extras to portrays tradesmen/tradies on a worksite. No experience necessary.

Application Details: Interested actors should submit a headshot and details about which roles you are applying for. Please email us to apply.

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