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Short film production is seeking a young local skater from Melbourne with some basic or advanced skateboard skills, to appear in a PAID non-speaking role in a short film. Great opportunity to show off your skate skills!

Sam is a street smart skater from the southern suburbs or Melbourne. navigating a double life, Sam spends his days at the skate park or with his girlfriend. But at night, Sam makes the money which fuels is carefree lifestyle.

  • Must be based-in Melbourne for this opportunity.

  • Young depicted, so ages 18 to 28ish welcome to apply. Must be over 18 years of age

  • Need to be confidant skating and doing tricks at a local skate park.

  • Non-speaking main role, but some simple 'acting' required.

  • Should be comfortable with adult themes of drug use and prostitution.

  • The role is a PAID opportunity with pay set at $250 per day of filming for a two-day shoot. 

  • Must be fit and injury-free, strong skateboarding-skills needed.

  • You will need to be comfortable with kissing/making out on screen with a female co-star.

  • There will be explicit nudity in one scene, and also urination/pissing, and you must be comfortable with this.

Further details can be provided during the audition process. If you're interested in this opportunity please reply with a couple of CLEAR photos to get an idea of what you look like and your general look, your skills at skateboarding and when you might be available. 

Please email us at:

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