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Eric Kay in a scene from 'Savage Sands'
Eric Kay in a scene from 'Savage Sands'
Eric Kay in a scene from 'Savage Sands'
Eric Kay in a scene from 'Savage Sands'
Eric Kay in a scene from 'Savage Sands'


How far would you go to protect your paradise?

Short film Savage Sands is in limited pre-release.

When a man (Eric Kay as Castaway Jack) is stranded alone on a tropical desert island, he must battle the forces of nature as well as confronting his own dark human instincts in James Cunningham's slow-burn sun-drenched blood-soaked thriller Savage Sands.

Written & Directed by James Cunningham.

Featuring Eric Kay as Castaway Jack.

Mathis Conjat as Man on the Sand.

Produced by Vanessa Abbott and Slade Phillips.

Production Support by Liam Connolly.

Location Support by Becky Coyle.

Cinematography by James Cunningham.

Additional Cinematography by Tilo Kuehnast and Mikhail Linnikov.

Additional Footage by Monster Filmmakers

Storm Footage by Mark Tipple.

Visual Effects by Ramy Morgan and Action VFX.

Music by Scott Walter Roush as Rhythm Scott.

Sound by Craig Cooper and LucasTvrdon.

Additional Audio by Selkor Studio and Soundholder.

SEMI-FINALIST - Indie Short Fest, Los Angeles 2024

Special Thanks to Royce Butler, Garth Cecil, Linda Cunningham, Nathan Davis-Dempsey, Adam Heaton, Fabio Ignacio Junior, Matt James, Ron Johanson OAM ACS, Andres Laso, Peleg Levi, Moritz Liederscheidt, Jorge Morûn, Dante Pragier, Nathanial Savy, Ben Simpson, Sean Stuart, Aidan Thatcher, Peter Unicomb and Dash Wilson.

Filmed on location in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia.

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