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Presidential Productions developing nostalgic documentary project looking back at World Expo in Brisbane, Australia in 1988.

Experience the magic and nostalgia of World Expo 88 through a pseudo-documentary art film unlike anything you've seen before. Step back in time with award-winning Australian filmmaker James Cunningham as he takes us on an unique journey into the past using a specially curated collection of archival footage and photographs taken in 1988 to recreate and reimagine the vibrant atmosphere of this iconic event.

In this experimental documentary, Cunningham pays homage to the theme of World Expo 88, "Leisure in the Age of Technology," by blending the old and the new. Cunningham's script brings Expo's story to life, capturing the essence of the era and the hopes and dreams that were on display.


The director's personal connection to World Expo 88 adds an extra layer of emotion and authenticity. As a small child, Cunningham was fortunate enough to attend the Expo and was deeply impacted by its creative and cultural offerings. Now, he revisits those memories with a deep sense of love and nostalgia, bringing a unique perspective to the project.

This project is currently in early development.

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