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It was supposed to be the perfect crime...


By arrangement with Origin Theatrical, on behalf of Samuel French Ltd and produced by Presidential Productions, comes a new version of ROPE by Patrick Hamilton. An adaptation written and directed by James Cunningham, ROPE played four shows only at Perth's Fringe World Festival in 2016. 


Written in 1929 it was performed in London's West End and Broadway in New York. ROPE was later immortalised on the silver screen by Alfred Hitchcock in 1948. In 2016 and exclusively for Perth’s Fringe World, this new adaptation (set in current day Australia) is a bold, modern update for a new generation of theatre-goers.


Featuring a stellar cast of five local Perth actors, including Benjamin Pentony, Stewart Sant, Matthew Panegyres, Rowland van Zwol and Sandy Hunter.

As an intellectual challenge to commit 'the perfect murder', two university students from Perth kill a fellow classmate. Wallowing in ego they host a party, inviting the victim's oblivious family & friends.


Conversations involve topics such as crime, justice, punishment, and the value of life. A tense and thrilling evening unfolds and guests become increasingly suspect.

Rehearsals for ROPE.
Cast and crew of ROPE.

ROPE is not a whodunit. The audience knows exactly what the diabolical pair has done, and only one party guest realises that something is not quite right. The dramatic arc of the play is the journey of discovery that guest takes, as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.


James Cunningham's adaptation of ROPE explores morality and the ideas of people who believe they have superior intelligence, giving them the right to discard the lives of those they believe are less so. It was a not-to-be-missed event at Perth's Fringe World festival that saw success with sold-out shows.

Rehearsals of ROPE.
Rehearsals of ROPE.

ROPE was produced with the support of...

Fringe World
Murdoch University
Samuel French
Origin Theatrical

Special thanks to...


Tim Brain, Linda Cunningham, Sandy Hunter, Julie McKenna, Matt Panegyres, Benjamin Pentony, Stewart Sant, JoAnn Theriault, Jake Wapple, and Rowland van Zwol.

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