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"If you have a passion for politics, and a love for the theatre, then you won't want to miss  GOUGH."

- Australian Theatre Review

The Power. The Person. The Play.


Politics is Theatre. 11 November 1975; Australia's Prime Minister Gough Whitlam is dismissed by our Governor-General. In this fascinating and original one-man show GOUGH, the man himself invites you into his prime-ministirial office to unveil what was going on behind closed doors.


Melbourne actor Warwick Merry courageously takes on the role of Australia's 21st Prime Minister to reveal one of the most turbulent and dangerous moments in Australian democracy. Part The Dismissal miniseries, part The Truth Of The Matter book-reading, part Oprah couch - GOUGH is a compelling and thought- provoking show.


The fourth wall of Whitlam's office is brought down and a personal and intimate portrait is carefully constructed on stage. Extensively researched, GOUGH is accurate to a considered level, remaining truthful to the late Prime Minister's own writings and opinions.


Written, directed and produced by James Cunningham especially for Melbourne Fringe 2014, and with a script input from an ABC Journalist, a veteran Australian TV Director, and a Victorian Parliamentary Speechwriter. The show has even garnered support from Labour think-tank, the Australian Fabian Society.

GOUGH was produced with the support of...

Special thanks to...


Warwick Merry, Matt Favero, Race Matthews, Tim Sonnreich at the Australian Fabians, Adam Sime and the whole team at Long Play, Felix Preval at Melbourne Fringe, Garth Cecil, Dante Pragier, Wes Snelling, Jono Barwick, Asher Brown, Tenille Drummond-Clark, Roswell Cropper, Chelsey Carman, Peter Unicomb, Crawford Jeffries, Chelsey Styles, Michelle Vanspall, Kirk Jernigan, Caleb Lane, and Linda Cunningham & Ron Johanson OAM ACS.


Our generous Pozible supporters...


Catherine Middleton, Donna Kunz, Clark Gormley, Simon Ellsha, Lachlan Madonald, Shelly Hughes, Jacinta Cashen, Jodie Miners, Emily Orpin, John McLean, Toni Jordan, Pat Allan, Arie Hirsh, Jarkko Juntunen, Jack Heath, Andrew Guy, Dan Illic, Michelle Reeves, Ann Davies, and Tim Sonnreich.

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