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That's Racist

In-development work That's Racist by James Cunningham was shortlisted for the Midsumma Queer Playwiting Award in 2021.

Melbourne-based performers Shae Kelly, Jessica Norsworthy, Jamie Turner and Jai Wright brought the Cunningham's text to life, performing That's Racist as a play-reading in front of a festival live audience and panel of judges and live audience at Gasworks Arts Park in Melbourne on 2 February 2021.

That's Racist is a black comedy that follows the experiences of staff at a local community swimming pool on Australia Day. "The work's shortlisting was both humbling and inspiring," says Cunningham. That's Racist work is now in-development to be turned into a short film by Presidential Productions.

Photo: L-R Jessica Norsworthy, Shae Kelly, Jai Wright and Jamie Turner with James Cunningham.

Gasworks Arts Park
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