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The War Room
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THE WAR ROOM is an original stageplay by James Cunningham performed live at Perth’s Fringe World Festival in 2017.


Welcome to THE WAR ROOM. Four young Hollywood screenwriters are locked in a room. Their mission: craft the most realistic movie script about humanity's first contact with an extra terrestrial intelligence. But the writers can't agree on anything! Can the planet survive, or will earth cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war?


Featuring a cast of talented Perth-based actors including Daniel Moxham, John Gray, Ellis Kinnear and Leia MizerskiTHE WAR ROOM aims to ask the question ‘what if?’ while exploring the rich tapestry of cinema history, when pop culture collides with reality and the meaning of life.

From James Cunningham the writer/director of THE SHEDS (Melbourne Fringe ‘13, Adelaide Fringe ’14 and Sydney Fringe ‘14), GOUGH (Melbourne Fringe ‘14) and ROPE (Perth’s Fringe World ‘16) - THE WAR ROOM is cleverly staged "in the round" at Yogahub Mt Hawthorn with a 360-degree performance making the audience feel like they are actually in... the war room.


Part Carl Sagan’s Contact, part Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb and part Aaron Sorkin's Masterclass. THE WAR ROOM, from Presidential Productions, performed three shows to sold-out crowds at Perth’s Fringe World in 2017. 

Cast and crew of THE WAR ROOM

Cast and crew of THE WAR ROOM: Daniel Moxham, John Gray, Ellis Kinnear, Leia Mizerski and James Cunningham.

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