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Beneath the Waves

Two brothers embark on a surfing trip together, attempting to bury past grievances in the process. As their surfing adventure unravels, so do the delicate and fragile bonds of brotherhood


Beneath the Waves is an Australian short film staring Higin Prazmo and Kris Felix, written and directed by James Cunningham, and produced by Presidential Productions.

Starring: Higin Prazmo and Kris Felix

Directed by: James Cunningham

Written by: Vanessa Abbott, James Cunningham and Slade Phillips

Cinematography: Matt Loucas

Editor: Vivek Asri

Music: Sebastian Benegas

Title Design by: Allan Phin

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FINALIST - Sicily Intl. Film Festival -
OFFICIAL SELECTION - International Short
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Voices from the Wat
SEMI FINALIST - Rebel Minded Film Festiv
SEMI-FINALIST - Kathmandu World Film Fes
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Sport Film Festival

Beneath the Waves was produced with the support of...

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Jen Ducasse, Zachary Durrant, Linda Cunningham, Jordan Gibson, Jake Gulliver, Fabio Ignacio Jr., Namrata Khetia, Ron Johanson OAM ACS, Evan Ledger, Marina Montecasciano, Maullalloo SLSC, Chrissie Payne and Drew Taylor.


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