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Nick Brennan as Atlas in ATLAS
Aygen James as Atlas in ATLAS
Geoffrey Oliver as Atlas in ATLAS
Robert Holt as Atlas in ATLAS
Rashawn Glass as Atlas in ATLAS
ATLAS Poster

Six athletes; one conversation...

ATLAS is a thought-provoking original short film that explores the complexities of the concept of masculinity through the experiences of six male athletes, ATLAS is an international collaborative film project from award-winning Australian filmmaker James Cunningham. 


The film captures the symbolic Atlas as depicted by five athletes in their bathrooms where they confront their insecurities. Through their conversations, ATLAS examines the societal expectations placed upon men and how that impacts body image. By showing men in traditionally vulnerable situations, the film aims to challenge traditional notions of masculinity and inspire viewers to question their own assumptions.


Brought to life by American actors Rashawn Glass, Robert HoltAygen JamesGeoffrey Oliver, Jabriel Robinson and Ethan Vaughan. Self-filmed by the actors while produced and directed remotely, the cast confine themselves to the privacy and solitude of their bathrooms. ATLAS emphasises that vulnerability and authenticity are not signs of weakness, but rather sources of strength and empowerment.

Written & Directed by James Cunningham

Produced by Vanessa Abbott, James Cunningham and Slade Philips

Original Music by Zimpzon

Featuring Rashawn Glass, Robert Holt, Aygen James, Geoffrey Oliver and Ethan Vaughan

ATLAS is currently in post-production.

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