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Deep in the heartland of India, a prestigious film about the ancient sport of Kushti wrestling is in the making, promising to revive interest in traditional Indian culture. The film's central role—a legendary and hyper-masculine Kushti wrestler—is a coveted part that attracts a diverse group of hopefuls, each with their own unique background and reason for pursuing the role.


As auditions and rehersals progress, tensions rise and passions flare. Each man must not only showcase his prowess on-screen but also embody the spirit of Kushti that values strength, honour and respect. As they confront personal demons and rivalries, they realise that the audition is not just about winning a role but about proving to themselves who they truly are beyond the ring.

Written & Directed by James Cunningham

Produced by Vanessa Abbott and Slade Philips


Award-winning Australian filmmaker is seeking the collaboration of 5 actors of Indian or South-Asian decent/appearance to appear in upcoming short film KUSHTI about the journey of a small group of men being considered for the lead role of a traditional Kushti warrior. Must have the ability to self-film various audition scenes for submission. The role does not require fluency in any specific language, but the ability to communicate in English is preferred.It is crucial that the selected actor embodies the spirit and physicality of a Kushti wrestler. The individual should be able to convey the intensity, strength, and dedication of a wrestler on screen. There is some nudity required in the film. If you have the necessary experience and are eager to take on this unique role, please apply below. 


1. VIJAY 'The Underdog's Tale'

    A slender and underestimated office worker, Vijay impulsively decides to audition for a Kushti wrestler role in a major film. Despite lacking the traditional physique, Vijay's determination catches the eye of the casting director. The story follows his comedic and heart-warming journey through gruelling rehearsal sessions with a retired wrestler, where Vijay not only gains muscles but also learns the value of perseverance and self-belief.


2. ARJUN 'Mask of Masculinity'

    In Mumbai, a struggling actor Arjun auditions for the role of a Kushti wrestler. As he progresses through various stages of auditions, he navigates the competitive environment where candidates are also expected to embody exaggerated masculinity on-screen. The film explores Arjun’s internal struggle with these stereotypes and his journey to redefine what strength means to him, ultimately delivering a performance that challenges traditional views on masculinity.


3. RAJ 'A Second Chance'

    A former state-level wrestler whose career was derailed by injury, Raj sees the audition as his last chance to return to the world of wrestling. Competing against younger and fitter aspirants, Raj must confront his physical limitations as well as his fears of failure. The film delves into themes of redemption and resilience, showcasing Raj's strategic use of his wrestling experience and wisdom to stand out.


4. SAMEER 'The Role of a Lifetime'

    The story centers around Sameer, who is secretly participating in the auditions against his conservative family’s wishes. Balancing his family obligations and his passion for acting, Sameer’s journey reveals the cultural conflicts and personal sacrifices involved in pursuing one’s dreams. The climax reveals whether Sameer lands the role and how his family reacts upon discovering his double life.


5. KARAN & ROHIT 'Brothers in Arms'

    Two brothers, Karan and Rohit, both vie for the same role in a prestigious film about Kushti wrestling. Their rivalry intensifies as the auditions progress, pushing their brotherly bond to the brink. The film highlights their competitive spirit and deep-rooted familial love, leading to a poignant resolution where they must choose between their relationship and their individual aspirations.


Auditions will be held. If you are interested in trying out for one of these roles, please email us with a bit of info on yourself and one or two photos so we know what you look like. Any questions, please ask.

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