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Two Lead Roles for Upcoming Australian Short Film

Casting Call: Male Leads for "Silver Foxes and Father Figures"

We are excited to announce a casting call for the upcoming short film Silver Foxes and Father Figures, a narrative exploring themes of masculinity, fatherhood, and the journey of self-acceptance. Written and directed by award-winning Australian filmmaker James Cunningham, Silver Foxes and Father Figures promises to deliver a poignant and thought-provoking experience. We are looking for two male leads to portray a doctor and a patient in the film, who can bring depth and authenticity to these complex roles. These are fully paid/credited roles, no experience necessary.

Available Roles:

  • Ethan Carter (Patient)

    • Age: 20s-30s

    • Character Traits: Ethan is athletic, introspective, and at a pivotal point in his life. He is about to become a father and is grappling with societal pressures and personal insecurities. Ethan is thoughtful, well-groomed, and reflects a modern man who cares about his appearance and health.

    • Background: Ethan has never faced a major health scare but is proactive about his health and well-being. He is open to learning and is on a journey of self-discovery.

    • Appearance: Ethan has an athletic build, with a physicality that suggests regular fitness and grooming routines. He should exhibit a blend of masculine charm and vulnerability.

    • Additional: There is nudity required as part of of a medical examination in the film. No experience necessary.

  • Maxwell "Max" Donovan (Doctor)

    • Age: 30s-40s

    • Character Traits: Max is a seasoned, wise individual with a kind demeanour. He is comfortable in his skin and has embraced the journey of aging and fatherhood with grace and understanding. He balances a professional attitude with a sense of warmth and empathy.

    • Background: Max is a father and has a rich life experience that has taught him the value of vulnerability and strength. He is well-spoken, articulate, and has a calming presence.

    • Appearance: Max has signs of graying hair and a look that conveys wisdom and experience. His physique should reflect a history of fitness, but not overly muscular.​​


  • Comfort with dialogue-heavy scenes and ability to deliver lines naturally and engagingly, in the style of Aaron Sorkin.

  • Chemistry with co-actor, as the film relies heavily on the dynamic between the two leads.

  • Openness to discuss and portray themes related to masculinity, aging, and fatherhood.


To Apply: Please submit your interest in the film, along with a few photos so we know what you look like, and a brief statement on why you are drawn to this film. We encourage actors of all ethnicities and backgrounds to apply. This film is an equal opportunity production and celebrates diversity in casting.

To apply, simply email us.

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